For sale Formlabs Form 1+, located in Europe (netherlands)

Hereby I am offering my practically new Formlabs Form 1+ printer.
The printer was purchased for my hobby (RC cars) but shortly after I decided to take a break from the hobby. Since then the printer has been sitting still.
The Form 1+ was purchased in 11/2014 and used till 02/2015.
Since the printer is from 11/2014 it still has warrenty, of course I’m in possession of the original receipts.

Following is included:

1x Form 1+ printer in practically new condition
1x Finishing kit
2x UV lamp
1x Cleaning spray for the printer
1x Special pads for cleaning the printer
1x Used bottle of black resin (approx 400ml left)
1x Used resin tray
1x Used build platform
1x New bottle of black resin
1x New resin tray
2x Bottle to store resin from resin tray
1x Printed funnel to guide the resin into the storage bottles

If the printer is picked up locally I also have 5 liters of IPA.

Of course I’m still in possession of the original packaging and documentation.

Please send me a message if you have a question or are interested

Printer is located in the Netherlands near Amsterdam.

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