Form 1+ Ball bearing / plunger alternative


We recently got our tray stuck in our printer. We got it out with force but found that 3 of the balls that hold the tray are stuck in their plungers. We tried soaking them in IPA as well as acetone with no change. I opened a support ticket but they said there was nothing else to do except send it in for a another one or keep applying force to them. Trying to save $800, does anyone have any ideas if I was to remove the three plungers all together, how I could secure the tank?

While looking for ways to get out the tray I saw a post about someone who made something, but I cannot find it.

Thank you

Remove the ball plunger things and drop them in clean IPA overnight. Then hit them with a good dose of WD40 and let them sit overnight. Then see if they free up. If they do, put 'em back in the IPA overnight, remove, dry, and apply a (really) small amount of WD40 and reinstall.

Alternately, you can be almost 100% certain FL didn’t get their ball plungers custom made. Odds are they’re a standard size. You could measure one, diameter and length and see if you can source a replacement someplace like this:

Thank you for your suggestion and link Randy. I have not tried WD40 yet, I will give that a go.

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