Cannot remove the resin tank - ball spring plunger issue?

I saw that the same topic has been discussed before but here there is no issue with resin on the tank. Looks like one of ball spring plunger is not working anymore . Meaning that it is really difficult to install and remove the resin tank.
It is not really clear on the photon but the ball of the left forefront ball spring plunger is almost “outside”.
Any hint how to deal with this problem?
Thank you

Maybe try to work it with a needle-nose plyers. You could open them wide and put the whole spring assembly inside. But try to keep the bottom jaw level so it can push the ball in completely before colliding with any other metal. Hopefully it will loosen up with a few presses.

I’d recommend you contact customer support. They can give you instructions on how to fix the issue. Essentially, you want to use needle nose pliers (as Josh said) to remove the offending ball spring plunger. As long as you have at least three ball spring plungers remaining, you should not see any effect on print quality. And as always, please be sure to keep the tabs on your resin tank clean so as to not clog up ball spring plungers.

I had the same problem, and tech support gave me permission to be brutal in removing my tank. So I bent back the tab on the back that blocked access, then reached in with my screwdriver and pried up the offending ball-spring plunger, which allowed me to get the tank out. These plungers are contained in the cylindrical structures that are visible from the side, and point down, engaging in detents on the side of the tank. Unfortunately, the tank will no longer slide in now, so I’m waiting for the return authorization. I’d probably try to fix it myself, but this machine (recently upgraded to the Form1+) has other issues (making incomplete prints) so it’s going back yet again…

Andrew Werby