Can't remove the resin-tank out

Because my wrong operating, I made some liquid out and the resin-tank can’t move out. Does there somebody konw this, and how to solve it? Thanks.

Hi Maggie,
I can´t remove the resin tank too.
I’ve cleaned the printer 3 weeks ago and today when I went to print, I coudn’t remove resin tank.
Any help out there?
Thanks :slight_smile:

This is definitely something that you should contact our support team ( about — what’s probably happened is a bit of resin has gotten into the ball-spring plungers that hold the resin tank in place, which is preventing it from being released. It can take some brute strength to remove, and then you’ll want to loosen to plunger.

Please contact our team and they can walk you through what you need to do without damaging your machine.

I remove the resin tank out yesterday, I used the a rubber mallet to tap the back. It worked. If your resin tank didn’t removed out yet, you could try this way. Good luck.

Thanks Maggie. I’ll try :slight_smile: