Can not get the Form 2 resin tank out - it is Stuck. Any suggestions?

Have had my Form 2 maybe a week now, was using black resin, but now I want to switch to Tough and for that I want to put in a new resin tank.

Problem is I can not get the existing tank out. There’s no resin overflow or any obvious reason why it will not come out. I’ve watched the instructions on how to install it. Had no problem. I assume that removal is the reverse of installation but it is not coming out.

Brute force? Rubber Mallet? Pry bar? Liquid nitrogen? Or is there some other trick? Formlabs has got great instruction pages online but there are a few holes. Like how to get the tank out. Also what to do with the used wiper. I dunked mine in my IPA bucket to clean it off. But this process is not covered anywhere that I can find online.


Nevermind, got it out. Brute force to the rescue.

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