Can't insert the resin tank!


I’m having problems in inserting the new resin tank in the printer.
About a month ago I tried to remove the old resin tank that was stuck at the printer. I’ve had to buy a rubber hammer to remove it.
I’ve ordered two more tanks that arrived today. When I tried to insert it in the tank, it doesn’t go in.
I don’t find anything that could be the cause of the problem.
Could anyone please help me?

I don’t know for sure, but a rubber hammer and this machine probably do not go together well!

It’s possible that one of the ball-plungers in the corners of the carriage isn’t functioning correctly, or is stuck. I would take a close look at those and see if that’s the case (and if you can work them free). Then I’d look into opening a support ticket with our team, who can take a closer look at the issue.