The Unofficial Form1 Wiki

So it’s up and running, here  -   It’s just a skeleton at the moment - but as more contributors join, expect to see more info over the coming weeks.

If you’d like to help out please request access on the wiki or email me at kevinsaccounts at n7tech dot com

Also - TJ - you were one of the most informative early posters here, haven’t seen you around for a while, but if you read this we’d love to have your assistance on the wiki.

Hi All, and most especially to the regular contributors here - such as MD, Jesse, Greenlaw, Vince Erb, Deschaud, David, Mark Loit, et al…

I’ve got a lot of Form1 troubleshooting experience now - lessons learned from two different Form1s that would have saved me so me much time if they’d been previously available in a static central resource. I know many others here have a lot more that would be worth sharing.

It’s not only troubleshooting of course, there’s alternative resins, maintenance, optimising prints, etc, etc, etc, … - so how would people feel about starting an independent wiki? hosted on an ad supported free service?

I’d suggest an initial group of admin/moderators/contributors as listed above, and new contributors could be added by some sort of sensible policy - eg nomination and being seconded or whatever policy is supported by the chosen wiki platform.

So  - MD, Jesse, Greenlaw, Vince Erb, Deschaud, David, Mark Loit (apologies to others, those are the names I’ve noticed) - what do you lot think?

Would you be prepared to contribute to a Form1 wiki? if so, would you have a preference about a service to use? A quick google for “free wikis” turned up wikispaces and wikidot. I’ve no experience of administrating a wiki, so have no preference.



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I think it could be a good idea but I would hate to see good information split between 2 or more websites.  Right now, this site is a mess (in my opinion).  I believe Sam said that they were starting to work on a new site/software.  If there are others willing to help out with the wiki, I am up for helping out.


Hi David,

To allay your concern about splitting information - a wiki would be complimentary to the forums. Forum information tends to be temporary and follow the hot issues of the moment. A wiki is more static and information is more organised - you can browse/navigate your way to the info you want, without having to rely on the vagaries of search.

I’m looking forward to the new forum too - (see my comments on that thread) - but a wiki is a very different type of resource.

Anyway - very glad you’ll join in if we can get some momentum going - MD, Jesse, Greenlaw, Vince Erb, Deschaud, Mark Loit - what do you think?



Hey Kevin, Sounds good to me. I don’t have any experience using any wiki-ware either though. Vince

How about google sites?

It’s free, looks simple enough to use, should hopefully be around for a while, and there’s no ads that I’ve seen so far. Re-using an existing wiki template I cobbled a basic initial placeholder page network together in a few minutes - see here - - it’s ugly but very easy to change.

You’d need a google account to use it - but that makes setup a snap. You just email me (kevinsaccounts at n7tech dot com) from your gmail account and I add you as a co-owner of the site - meaning we’d all be full admins …

Hi Kevin,

I like that idea. Don’t have much experience with using a wiki, but I’d contribute all I can.

Regarding the concern of splitting the information between 2 sites… I believe there is a place for an official forum (run by form labs) and a separate wiki/forum for users by users. Sometimes the things we do, form labs may not approve (mixing resins, opening up the printer, finding 3rd party resins, experimenting, etc.)

Also, sifting through the forum trying to find information can be a pain. With the wiki we will have the reference/tips/etc easily available.

Oh and, I’m not crazy about the google platform. Are there any other ones with more features and better interface available?

Hi MD,

Excellent news, and a perfect summary of my motivations for the wiki.

Shame you’re not keen on google - I’m a software developer by day and google sites actually looks fairly intuitive and easy to run - also I like that it’s free AND has no ads.

Still - I’m by no means invested in it as a choice. As for alternatives - I have to admit that I only spent a few minutes looking before wondering what the google option was and then switched my attention there - so I have no idea if there are better options. I’m open to suggestions…


If you think the google platform is good, then it will work just fine.

Have you seen the b9 wiki page?™%20Wiki%20Home

I guess it’s free


been looking at pbworks - and the free version has a 2GB size limit vs google sites 100MB limit - so that’s a big win for pbworks.

I noticed was taken - was that you?

if so - then lets got with that -  if David and Vince are happy with pbworks?

My email is kevinsaccounts at n7tech dot com. If was not you, then again assuming David and Vince agree - I’ll invite you all to



No, I didn’t take that one.

How about

ok - you wanna create it - or shall i?

It’s your idea. Go for it Kevin.

well not sure what happened there - added workspace, which is now taken, but confirmation email seems lost in the ether. it is then - sending invites David, and to MD on mongerdesign email address.

Vince you wanna drop me an email so I can invite you?

Jesse, Greenlaw, Deschaud, Mark Loit - you wanna join in?

Hey Kevin, my email is:  makeitbe at mythingin3d dot be


Hi All,

Just to add my two cents, although I don’t own a form1 yet, if you guys need French translation for the Wiki … count me in. I’ll glad to help.


Thanks Eric - if you email me at kevinsaccounts at n7tech dot com I’ll invite you. Note there’s really not much to translate as yet :slight_smile: I have a bunch of stuff to go in the troubleshooting section, but I’m posting it here in the forums first and waiting to see what response there is before putting it on the wiki.