Would a Form1 Symptoms and solutions section be helpful?

I was just thinking that it might be helpful if we have a resource showing us printer output issues in the form of descriptive images paired with potential solutions that we, users/backers of Form1, can take to trouble shoot and resolve part printing issues. It seems like we could already make a book about techniques to improve part printing, how to fine tune, and how & when to fix or return to Form Labs. I know that they have support personnel, but it seems that many of us are quite capable of keeping our Form1 printers making great parts, if only we had access to the information. It just feels like Form Labs seems reluctant to open up and, in a way, partner with us to provide us with a way for us to keep our Form1 printers running smoothly if we so choose. I can imagine that international users would appreciate this even more. I am not trying to bash Form Labs, just encourage them to take the next step.

Temujin, thank you for the input! We’ve just launched our new support site, but I agree it lacks several articles users could benefit from for self service. We are definitely in favor of providing as much information as possible to help user’s service their Form 1s remotely and we have a team currently working on this project.

If you have specific suggestions, we would love to hear them.

How about a diagnostic flowchart with pics? It could be a webpage, or a downloadable PDF. Some hardware  service manuals come with this. Some car troubleshooting manuals as well for maintenance.

I’m not sure if troubleshooting info is the right venue for a book, since it changes rapidly. I know this first hand. However, if a book were being written about the Form, it could possible include some info, and then point to the Form support site for updateable info.

Hi Scott Janousek. To clarify, I wasn’t suggesting that we make a book, I agree with you. It was a way of suggesting that we have enough information to probably create a book about the Form1, not that we should. I would prefer a searchable section on the FormLabs website, or a PDF/ebook that I could search, ideally with 3d content that I could manipulate to better understand how to perform certain tasks. This could be done with Apples iBook format, but that isn’t supported on Windows so it would effectively shut-out several users, which would be infuriating, and unfair. I’m not familiar enough with 3D PDF format yet to know if the same can be done wit 3D PDF as is possible with iBooks. If so, that might be a helpful addition?