Small channels - how to accurately print?

For work, I print very small parts with narrow (<1mm wide/deep) channels/grooves through the part (3-sided). I also print parts with fully enclosed channels, >2mm ID round tubes. I cannot print these accurately with High Temp or Clear materials (the channels / tubes are too small, filled with cured resin even before post-Curing. But, they came out excellent with Grey. I’m guessing that it has something to do with the clear materials allowing light to cure more than the intended resin, spilling into other layers.

Any suggestions for printing features like this in Clear and High Temp? I really need the temperature capability of the High-Temp resin, so I’d even be willing to add a dye or something like that if it would help… Thanks!

Grey V3 does have the highest feature resolution of any of our materials and this has a bit to do with the matte finish.

Orientation makes a big difference for the quality of channels. You’ll want to have your channels oriented at angles close to 45 in the X and Y axis to maximize their cross sections. For removing resin after printing, I like to fill a syringe with IPA and force it through the channels.


You should be able to print channels without them filling in down to 1mm without issues. You may want to check orientation and keep them as vertical as possible. Like Frew suggested use IPA in a syringe to clear them.
I use mainly clear resin and have no problems with details using 50 or rarely 25 micron depending on orientation and model size and details.

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It’s not that my channels are completely filled, but they just aren’t as crisp as they are with grey. In my application, unfortunately this really matters.

Do you think adding an opaque dye to the high temp material would cause it to lose its high HDT? I’m considering experimenting with dye to get improved detail, but hopefully keeping at least some of the HDT improvement.

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