High Temp Resin - High Failure Rate on Form 1+

Just went through my first bottle of high-temp resin, and I think it will be my last.

Even with a new resin tank, perfectly clean mirrors, etc, the high temp resin has a very high failure rate on large prints - it will get through the first 2" of the print height and then some nucleus will form and do the “inverted mountain gap” where the gap just gets larger and larger.

This is after printing the exact same model in white v3, gray v2, clear v2, with about 90% success, for about 11 prints. So I know it’s not my machine, or the resin tray, causing the issue. Out of 1L of high temp resin I got 1 successful print. Not great for a $200 bottle.

The other issue with the high temp is that I had a high degree of fogging of the PDMS after only 2 prints – way more than with the other resins for some reason. Enough that I simply recoated the PMDS layer instead of risking another print failure. (I went through 3 resin tray recoats trying to print another successful model in high temp resin).

Anyone else had troubles with high temp resin?

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Well that is beyond disappointing for results. Have you opened a support ticket? I personally have had a mixed bag of results with Tough V3. That doesn’t help with the problems you are having but maybe the new formulations / new resins need the heated vats to get quality results. I have opened a ticket with FL. Well see what happens. For me, small parts print well. I have 1 larger part that will not print successfully.

I’d encourage you to get in touch with our support team. It sounds like there could be something else going on here beyond a change in material. I’m not aware of any specific characteristics of High Temp that make it more prone to the issues you’re seeing. Our support team will be best suited to troubleshoot and if there are nuances to printing, submitting a ticket will help us to track them and educate other users.

Okay, I will open a ticket with support.

David, I’m guessing small parts would print fine as it’s only after the first 4 hours that my prints fail with high temp. The print is about the max size that can fit on the build plate and is about 5 inches tall (126mL resin). Amazingly it prints reliably with the other materials - which to me is quite impressive given it’s size. It’s a scale nozzle for an F15 RC model:


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