Failed prints with High Temp Resin

Hey everyone.
I’ve had several successful prints with my high temp resin, but have been running into an issue. Has anyone seen this issue before? Before printing I ran the butterfly test print with my grey resin and dedicated tank. That came out well. Swapped tank and loaded up the high temp, and these are the results that I got:

I canceled the print after several layers because it had obviously self destructed.
Before printing I filtered the resin out of the tank with the recommended 190micron oil filter just to make sure there were no cured pieces.
Here is the print I was trying to create:

I did notice that there were some particles on the mirror. could it be that because this print covers so much of the build plate, that those specs have a higher chance of interfering with the laser?

Couldn’t get my camera to focus on all the particles at the same time. circled the particles in red.

Here was the test print results before the above failed print:

Looks good to me.

Thanks for your help!

Are you leaving your mirror exposed for any extended periods of time? I’d be concerned particles of anything collecting on its surface and why they would be there in the first place.

Personally I don’t leave my mirrors exposed for more than a few seconds and I’m extremely careful with where i set my vats down (if I do) to insure they don’t transfer any dirt/debris to the mirror.

The particles could be causing issue here, and if they scatter the laser for a section of the print that could cause issue elsewhere. A member of our support team will be in touch with you over email to help out with troubleshooting this.

I’ve never opened the sealed enclosure to the mirror. Thanks for your quick reply!

Your working area dusty?

I don’t think my work area I abnormally dusty. Can particles still get in the sealed mirror chamber if it has never been opened from the factory?

Could the high temp resin be bad? Like could it have separated or something? I shook the cartridge before putting it in the machine.

How old is it?

Several months old. Only about 10 prints in I’d say.

Oh… You mean the high temp resin. I think I’ve had it for about a month :slight_smile:

I went ahead and divided up the print job that had the build plate fully covered into two separate jobs. The separated prints were a success. Currently in the process of printing an optical test, hopefully this will provide more info on the failed prints.

To me this looks like there has been some partially cured “boogers” that are then getting incorporated into your models, ruining them.

The question is why there is partially cured resin in the tank. It could be from the laser being scattered by the debris. Is that debris on the glass or the actual mirror itself? If its on the mirror that could very well be your issue. I’ve had some black resin drip on my glass window before (from a leaky tank) and when I print over that area I generally get rashing or degraded print quality; nothing like this.

You mentioned filtering the resin before printing. Any chance this was done in a sunlit room? I have noticed that while it takes a lot to fully cure the HT resin; that it will start forming a film within a few seconds of exposure to sunlight. Well all the resisn do; but I’ve noticed it a bit more with the HT resin. Very stable under normal indoor fluorescent light though.

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