High Temp resin fail / cured particles even after filtering

I recently bought the V2 HT resin and LT tank and was getting great results initially but after a .05 micron flawless print and 1/3 of resin I got nothing but failures. (Optics are good, mirrors are clean, new tank, new resin).

It seems the resin started to cure at the bottom of the tank at .1 micron. After filtering each time with 100 micron strainers I still had particles in the resin.

There seems to be no way to filter them out, does anyone know where you could get a .02 micron filter?

I wonder if the issue is that the wiper when sweeping it chips off fine particles from the cured tank bed and now there are tiny cured resin particles floating in the resin destroying every subsequent print.

I’ve ordered another HT resin cartridge and a second tank as I am still worried of the remaining particles being in the LT tank after cleaning.

I believe that if there are cured particles in the tank when a layer is being cured the particles are embedded in that layer and act like little whiskers on the pdms layer and form a gecko like grip on the tank so that layer gets torn off while the peeling occurs.

This is getting very very expensive if I can only get about 300ml of parts from 1000ml cartridge.


So have been trying to print for 2 straight weeks, with no success.

Brand new resin tank, new resin and ive cleaned the mirrors , glass and optics multiple times done a firmware update and all Im getting is a pancake raft and when the supports start building they always are getting pulled off and sticking to the resin tank floor.

I’ve tried adjusting the z-height multiple times and still the same issue. I honestly don’t know what to do.

Is there anyone out there who has had this issue??

Strangely when I went to open mode and chose the black preset the model printed for the most part with a few little defects but nothing that I couldn’t sand down. But its so weird that it cures on the black but on HT it always sticks to the resin tank.

I’ve been in touch with support who are great for what they do but I cant afford to send in for refurbishment also Ive only used the printer literally a hand full of times so the laser should be totally fine.