Particles of cured resin in the tank?

Im playing with different settings printing a ring with Castable V2 an had a couple of failed prints (parts missing). I suppose when the part breaks the printer continiue curing slices of resin and these are swimming around in the tank.

Im getting much of half cured resin (small strings) sticking on my next prints which i can blow away with compressed air but also the prints are very inaccurate.

Its just a theory, am I right about the particles? Did you experience the same? Did you just replace the whole tank or try to clean up the resin?

Edit: This is 0,025 mm resolution :expressionless:

After a failed print, it’s very important to filter the tank and ensure that there are no rogue particles of resin floating around. These can disrupt the laser or become embedded in your parts. Here’s a link to our support guide on resin filtration.

Ok, thanks.
What is this white stuff on the “castable” tank? Should it have been there or is it something unusual? White points are visible on the printed parts also.

Here you see the particles mentioned earlier. I will report after cleaning and printing again.

The white particulate is normal and is from settling of Castable Resin. If you’re seeing a lot of the white particles, stir up your resin a bit and they should re-distribute. If you’ve had a failed print, it’s always good practice to filter the resin to ensure that cured bits of your print aren’t left in the tank.

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I´ll try, thanks a lot!

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