High-temp resin is just for small prints

Very bad experience with new High-Temp. After 7 really small prints is the tray totally cloudy. It is impossible to print something bigger for casting or anything else. With a standard resin wouldn’t be any problem to print those models. I use Form printers for 4 years (first form 1+ and form 2 now) but so far this is the worst resin. I can’t use it for anything.
I have the opened ticket at support but do you have any idea how deal with this? Is there any hack or it is just not suitable resin for Form 2?

I have printed a larger part, but the tray did turn out fairly cloudy afterwards.

I’ve seen the same thing. Good news is the material prints well even with an extremely cloudy tank. I can’t even see through the clouds in my tank and it’s printing HT resin fine. It might just be wearing on the surface and becoming more clear with resin coating the surface of the PDMS.

Vertical surfaces cause the most clouding so try to orient your parts to reduce the number of vertical faces.

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