High temp resin - Quick deterioration of the resin tank

Hello everybody,

Lat year, we buy a Form2 at my work and so far is working very well. We are very happy with the printer.

As we work with hot water, we use a lot the “High temp” resin and this resin seems to deteriorate the resin tank very quickly compared to “Clear” resin for example. So I wanted to check with you if it’s a normal behavior or not.

On the below pictures, you will see the resin tank after only 1 printing, I’m already able to see the shape of the printed part (kind of cylinder) on the tank windows. It’s like the coating already start to be damaged.

On the second pictures, you will see a resin tank after multiple printing. The coating is damaged and it’s lead to print failures / bad qualities.

Do you guys see the same behavior with HT resin? Usually, after how much printing do you need to change it?


This is normal behaviour. Best to use LT tanks for HT resin.

One note that I would like to add is that for me the high temp resin prints fine even with a fairly cloudy tank.

Thanks both for your feedback!

@fantasy2 I will definitively buy a LT as soon as their are available in my country re-seller.

@FredB Yes, but still be careful, last time the print fail and the resin overflow from the resin tank… So I had to remove the printer housing to clean inside.

Hopefully, the printing is well engineered and there is a plastic tray to collect the resin in case of overflow from the tank. Nothing was damaged…

We use mostly hight temp resin, and yes - the spot after 1 print is dead. Normal resin tank is capable of printing well 1000 layers in one spot. Our prints are sth between 1400-5000 layers, so we’ve managed to fail maaany of them.
With new LT tank - we are able to print 2-3 prints in one spot so it so much better.

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