Issue with High Temp Material

Hi Community,

i rarely printed with the high temp resin and have already a pattern on the print surface nobody wants.
The resin bottle is not even half empty.
It seems that the tank won’t last to resin bottles.
I am curious what Formlabs has to say.

Thank you in advance for any response :slight_smile:

Greetings from Germany


The engineering resins are much harder on the tanks. I have found the high temp resin to kill a tank with about 1L, but that is assuming you have laid parts out to spread wear evenly on the tank. I see you have large sections of your tank that seem to be unused. Durable also seems to be really hard on the tank, with Tough close behind. The standard resins last much longer in a tank.

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High Temperature resin is one of the more aggressive materials and will cloud tanks more quickly. Material Heat Maps in Dashboard will help to show you which sections of the tank are likely to be most clouded and Resin Tank LT will also significantly improve the longevity of tanks.

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Hello Frew,
Hello Themedulla,

thank you guys for your answer.

Greetings from Germany

Hi! I am having the same issue… I want to know if the tank still work , I am afraid of sending a new print, I haven’t use half of my first tank!

Can you take an image with the tank on top of the black cover? That tends to give a bit more contrast and helps to more accurately judge the degree of clouding on a tank.