Alternative to high temp resin?

I’m printing a part for a humidity oven that can go up to 240 C. The problem is that the resin tank for my high temp resin is clouded and the print keeps failing. I need this part soon and would rather not wait until a new tank can be ordered. Is there a suitable alternative to high temp resin at least until I can get a new tank? I have grey pro, tough, and durable.

What about emptying one of your other tanks and re-programming it for high temp? Sure, not the ideal solution, but all the other resins will fail miserably with such high temperatures.

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All the other resins have a very low HDT. At 240C you’re right on the edge of the capabilities of even the HT resin. You’re stuck waiting for a new tank or really cleaning the other tank well. I’d recommend using the LT tank with the HT resin. I had all sorts of problems with the cheap tanks. I think they use glass instead of plastic on the LT tank so you don’t get hazing like you do with the cheap tank.

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I’m attempting to print it in an unclouded area of the resin tank, but I’d rather not completely waste the resin from another tank. Thanks for the advice though.

Why waste? Just filter it back into the cartridge…