Q about high temp resin and IM

So looking for some advice about the high temp resin. I am looking to make some moulds for injection moulding. We need to make the mould the whole size of the machine. (6’x4’x4’)… Clearly in two halves.

So, this will use a lot of resin, which is not ideal. I was thinking of making the part 4-5mm thick with a hole at the bottom and then adding another resin like epoxy to fill the void. So now I might have issues with 2 materials with 2 different expansion rates, so has anyone tried this and have good results? Ultimately we can pour anything in there (as long as it doesn’t melt the mould), any thoughts on what would be best?

For those that have used High temp for injection moulding, how many parts have you got out before the mould has deteriorated? I understand this will change a little for the part being pulled but some rough numbers would be good.

Many thanks in advance for your replies…

Haven’t used it for injection moulding but I would make sure you have plenty of spare tanks for your printer available. I’ve burned through 2 tanks now and am on my third and not even through a litre of the resin. It just eats the PDMS.

I have a desktop injector and I am trying to master creating moulds using the HT resin…
I have found HT resin to be extremely brittle with the smallest of flaws creating points of weakness and hence cracks.
Not only do you have the be quite carefully when you hande the moulds you also have to be very careful when you remove the injection from the mould. No leverage on the mould allowed!
As far as how many squirts from one mould; So far I have never got beyond 6!!!
I would also agree with Gary about HT clouding the tank. I will probably get through 1ltr before I will have to re-line the tank.
I do use the moulds without any aluminium (or other) support though. But its not the pressure from the injection that does for them, Its mainly my removal of the injection.

Thanks for the heads up guys, we are working on the AL outer shells now. Designing a Chinese doll style so we can have different size printed mould depending on the size of the part we require… Will let you know how it goes…