Excessive wear and tear in standard tank (High Temp Resin)

We got excessive wear and tear in the standard tank using High Temp Resin.
During the first print (High Temp V2; layer thickness = 25µm) in the new standard tank occurred excessive wear and tear (picture below).

The wear and tear seems to be caused by the support-structures and resulted in points and lines on the surface of the printed object.

In cases the points wear close to an edge it resulted in haptic lines (z-directed) on the vertical surface.

Did anybody experienced something similar with the High Temp Resin?

I would be very grateful for any help or information.

Here’s a snippet from the Formlabs website which seems to indicate that a standard resin tank will start to fog more quickly with HT Resin than with the standard resins:


When printing in High Temp Resin with a standard resin tank, observe the clarity of the elastic layer and replace the resin tank more often.

Thank you for your fast response.
It was the first print with this new tank. I hope that “more often” doesn’t mean after each print :slight_smile:

It certainly shouldn’t be after every print, but HT is one of the resins that definitely can be a little tougher on tanks.

One thing we recommend is to move the parts around the build area so you’re not hitting the same section over and over again. :slight_smile:

Since it occurred during the first print and especially in the areas of the support-structures, I assume, that the laser used too much power to build them. But I am not sure if this could be the reason or even is possible :confused:

I tried to demonstrate what I’ve meant with the increased wear during one (first print).

As you see above we printed to two nearly similar parts that were angled by 35 degrees in the same axis. The angling resulted in an linear increase of “Support Height / Length”.
The excessive wear correlates with this (blue arrows).
It shows also that there was no visible wear in the first layers (obvious since it was a fresh tank).
I hope that illustrates how uncommon this case is.

We send diagnostic logs to the support. The data indicate a loss regarding the power of the laser, the values are below of the recommended ones.

How old is your printer?


We received this refurbished printer 3 months ago as an replacement.

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