Printing .5 mm channels on Form 3L using high temp v2 resin

I’m trying to print small .5mm channels using high temp v2 resin on the Form 3L. So far, I can barely get a 1 mm to form. Almost always, the .5 and 1mm channels are clogged with resin.

Does anyone have experience with troubleshooting this?

I know that stray laser light can cure the resin that gets stuck within the channel and i am wondering if it’s possible to mix the high temp resin with form labs black pigment while still maintaining the high temp properties.

Also, when I’ve done these prints, they have sat inside the printer for maybe 5 hours until I’ve started post print cleaning (rinsing w/ syringes). Do you think ambient light could be curing the channels when they are sitting inside the Form 3L? Am also curious if the side lights in the form3L have any effect on the curing over time.

The high temp v2 resin is pretty viscous and I’m sure that doesn’t help with printing channels. Anyone know of an alternative high temp resin that might work here?
I believe we want it to withstand 150c

Here is an article on washing millifluidic and microfluidic geometries. You mentioned you tried flushing out the channels with syringes already, so if none of those steps help, you can open a support case and we can help look into it more. Could be that they have dirtier optics or the geometry of the part is stopping the IPA from fully flushing out the channel.