High Temperature resin printed with different printer?

Hi all,
has anyone of you used the high temperature resin with a printer from a different manufacturer? I am looking for some experiences in printing the high temperature resin not at exactly 405nm wavelength but e.g. at 365nm. As formlab does not offer small test volumes, I cannot test it by myself and I am not sure if it is worth buying a 1l resin tank.

Thank you in advance!
Kind regards

Never tried other wavelengths, but I do have some excess High Temp. I’d have to check, it might all be mixed with a flame retardant additive I was playing with (so the properties won’t match the stock resin, but it still cures fine at 405nm in the Form 2). I’m not likely to use it up, happy to send you some if you think it would be helpful for your purposes. PM me if you’re interested.