2x High Temperature Resin cartridges - New in Box (USA)

Hi folks.
I have 2 of the High Temperature Resin cartridges available that I will not be using for any upcoming projects - they were sold to me along with the printer as a lot. I’ll be updating this posting later on with lot and expiration information, but was curious if anyone was interested before I list these on eBay instead. (I used to sell under user ID “LCONOVER” if you want to check my feedback from waybackwhen if it’s still there.)

I’m looking for any reasonable offer as these are just taking up space - and will happily trade for a similar-ish retail value in other printing supplies if you have sealed Form2 compatible resins / extra build platforms / Form2 tanks / tools you aren’t using. (I’m just looking for a win-win scenario where we both get supplies we both can use.)

Otherwise, please respond with your best reasonable offer, with preference given to anyone who would be willing to buy both.

Shipping: I can happily mail these within the Continental USA. – I’m expecting the shipping to run about $20 each. ('Course, I won’t charge shipping if we’re swapping gear.) I live/work in Southern NH/northern MA not far from Lowell, if you’re in the area and would like to avoid shipping charges.


@lconover Did you ever use any other HT Resin for other projects, or was this more of a “I’ll use it eventually” purchase that never panned out?

I might have a desire to buy it off your hands, but a quick look at the “Using High Temp Resin” guide strongly suggests not leaving it in an unattended tank for more than a month or two.

@MrCruz: Both were purchased as part of the same lot as my actual Form2 on eBay - it was more of a ‘these resins come with the printer’ kind of deal. At the time, I also didn’t know to ask about the lot numbers, so there you go. Both have sat peacefully in a room temperature crafting room ever since the purchase in February, still sealed in their original clear plastic bags. (I did not keep the Formlabs cardboard since it kept me from reading the labels on the shelf.)

I have noticed that they do appear to have a tiny amount of some form of condensation in the wrapper, but whether or not that is typical for the resin type, I couldn’t tell you. All of the other resins I had received as part of that same purchase appeared to have been stored properly as I’ve had no issues with them whatsoever.

I don’t really have any upcoming projects that have a pressing need for high temperature resin; though I have toyed with the idea of doing some pewter casting, the reality is that I won’t be up to speed on any 3d modelling software for a while. :slight_smile:

@lconover Any updates on the expiration date(s) and lot number(s)?

Hey there,
Please see above attached photographs - that’s the information I have. Each of the cartridges has a sticker that is either the manufactured date or the expiration date - 20171017

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