FS: Form 2 + 5 resin cartridges, $500 OBO for all

I’ve been sitting on a Form 2 printer, and I really don’t need to keep it anymore. It was used for small-business production on and off, batches of a few hundred of the same item a few times a year. It’s been unused since 2022 or so. I believe it’s still functional (still powers on, communicates over Ethernet, has latest firmware), but it probably needs to be tuned up. I know it’s two generations old at this point, and I’d really just like to get it in the hands of someone who might actually use it before it becomes so old that nobody wants it anymore.

I’m located in the Roanoke, VA area and would prefer pick-up for simplicity, but that’s probably unrealistic. I’m willing to ship, but I don’t have any of the original packaging, and it’s big and heavy and delicate enough that it probably won’t be cheap to do it well. But if anyone does want it shipped, that will just be added on at actual cost for freight and packaging.

I also have a number of resin cartridges that I won’t use, all but one of which are still sealed. They’ve all been kept in a cool, dark, dry cabinet, but they’re years old now:

  • High Temp
  • Grey
  • Dental model
  • Surgical guide (FLSGAM01)
  • Tough v5 (box untaped but it seems new)

The resin alone is worth way more than $600 new, but it’s not new, and I don’t know how long it keeps even if everything stays sealed. I really just want to reclaim all the space this stuff takes up.

TO CLARIFY: Form 2 printer with power cord, ethernet cable, and USB cable included. One build plate (used) also included, visible in the picture. NO TANKS INCLUDED. Five resin cartridges as described/pictured also included.

Comment/DM if interested!