Form2 plus goodies in CA

Would like to not have to ship. I live in Oakland but can easily deliver to SF.

I have a lightly used form2, I’ve kept in good condition. Biggest reason for selling is that I don’t print a lot and that makes it hard to justify all the resin etc.

See photos below, the TLDR is

1x form 2
1x cleaning station
2x build platforms
4x never used trays
2x clear resin (expired)
1x grey resin (expired)
1x tough resin (expired)
Random leftover resin not too much left (black, grey, white, tough,flexible)

All the resin is expired, but I kept it in flat temp zone and still works so…

Asking 3k

  1. I’m interested
  2. need to ship to NY
  3. can pay full price

Can you email the “burner” address below to arrange? Happy to give specific contact information when not on a forum (I don’t know how to dm through the formlabs forum)

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