Printing parts with inner channels for fluid

Me and my team have been trying to grow parts that have channels going through them. Most of the channels come out fine but there are certain section that get blocked with resin. I’ve already added exit holes for the resin to flow out of the channel but I still encounter the same problem. Any suggestions are welcome.

While washing the prints, I use a syringe filled with IPA to flush resin out of small channels and holes.

If the channels are too small they sometimes close depending on orientation, so they might be too small. This differs from resin to resin.

You’ll most likely have to blow the resin out with compressed air, that’s how I’ve done it before.

This is the way to go. Soaking in IPA is not enough to clear small channels. As piGuy says, pressure flushing with an IPA-filled syringe will tremendously help. Don’t hesitate to do it multiple times, with needles of different length/diam. I also used acetone in last resort but it’s damaging the material.

Had best success with syringe irrigation of parts with very tiny channels. Used 30 gauge needles to flush excess resin from channels. A bit time consuming but yield was good. Tried excess soaking in IPA, but it weakened the parts too much.

Best of luck