Problems with printing internal channels

Hello, we are recently the owner of a Form3B+. So far everything runs great, but there are problems with one project. The problem is that we need a vacuum cap with internal channels. The channels have a diameter of 700 µm and simply do not clear. There is always residual material in the channels which then hardens and clogs the channels. For printing we use Rigid10k with 50 µm layer thickness. Do you have any tips on how to get residual material out of internal channels? We put it in the wash mold after printing and then ultrasonic again. Do you have another tip? Maybe another material? Also, holes are not round but rather elliptical (see picture). And through holes (diameter 0.9mm) are not completely free. Can you help me?

Best Regards Jens
Fehlerbilder_Material Rigid10k

You need to use the squeeze bottle to flush those passages with IPA.

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I agree with the above, its what we do and it works well.

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Hi @JeKru287,

Andrew and Randy are right on the money here, we definitely advise flushing out internal channels with a squeeze bottle or a syringe. Oftentimes, these deep channels are not sufficiently flushed by the Form Wash alone.