Resin Tray...How does yours lower?

I just fired up my Form1+ for the first time today.

Is it normal that only one side of the resin tray lowers? Or “dips” to the right?

My first attempt at a sample print produced no results or even any recognizable cured objects.

Any info would be helpful- thanks all!


Yes, that it absolutely normal. That is the “peel” process.

I know the urge to “play” is strong, but do a couple of hours of reading (this support forum is fantastic!), it will save you money and speed your learning curve.

Hint for you: make sure you strain your resin and scrape your tray clean before you attempt another model. I guarantee there is “stuff” lurking in there that you can’t even see.

Here’s my procedure/checklist for printing… I wish I had this when I first got my printer, my success rate would have been better.

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If you run your spatula flat across surface of the bottom of your tank is there cured material stuck to it or floating around in your resin?

If not: Your laser is not firing, contact support.
If so: Your tray is to low and the print isn’t adhering, this can be accommodated for by adjusting the Platform Height setting in the Fine Tuning dialog.