Should my resin tray be tilting to one side?

Is it normal for my resin tank to tilt to one side in between layers? It appears to straighten out when the laser is having it’s way, but at the very beginning and every time z is moving, the tray tilts dramatically to the right. Should both sides of the tray be moving up and down at the same time? I got scared the first time I went to print, the resin very nearly spilt out the side, and I was under the max-fill line. Haven’t had a successful print yet, but I’m only a few prints in.

Finally found a video with a good shot, seems like it’s standard practice.


It is a normal part of the operation.  It is usually referred to as the peel process.  It just “peels” the model off the silicone layer on the bottom of the tray so that it can make room for the resin for the next layer it is about to print.

Yep, as others have noticed, your Form 1 is doing all of the right things. You do want to take care to keep the resin level below the maximum fill line – though the spill wouldn’t take place during the peel cycle, probably, but much more dramatically when the build platform descends!