Formlabs 1+ only corner of platform is moving up and down

So I just installed a new 1+ and found that only the front right corner of the platform moves up and down. Is this supposed to happen? It doesn’t move the whole resin tank up just the corner.

The Form 1+ tank “hinges”, so what your observing—only the right side dipping down—is expected behavior.

Ahh I see. So I really shouldn’t be filling the tank to the max line. It seems like it would overflow if I did. Do I ever need to level the plate?

Nope. Just get the machine level. I have mine on a board that I shimmed. Even filling the resin up to the max fill line, it shouldn’t spill over but I try to go a little under for added safety especially if you fill the vat with 3rd party resin.

You do not want to adjust the nuts under the vat holder. That is calibrated by FL at the factory. Messing with them is not recommended.

It won’t spill over if filled to the fill line. The fill line would be kind of pointless if resin did spill during the peel. But it won’t spill. There’s even some margin. You can slightly overfill the tank and it’ll be OK.

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