Modify the Resin Tray to cope with a slight overfill

Just spent some quality time cleaning resin dribbles out of my Form 1. I stopped at the line when adding resin, but probably had more resin than I realized, as it is pretty viscous and takes a while to level out completely. During the initial descent of the platform, I watched the slow-motion tidal wave of resin crest just over the top of the tank sidewall. In retrospect, I should have tilted the machine, but instead I tried to shut it down using the very nicely designed button on the front panel. What I’c have given for a big red “Stop” button that lifted the platform and returned the tank to level.

Looking at the platform in operation, it seems like a lip could be added to the right edge to catch material before it goes over the wall.

That’s a good suggestion, Andy, thanks. We’re looking at tweaking the resin tank to help with some issues like that – and thanks for the user-interface feedback about the button. That’s good food for thought. It’d be interesting if it did different things during different phases of printing, like during the initial descent you describe.