Beware of 'z' front/back tilt on the printer - avoid tank spills

Hey guys,

I posting this simply as a warning for others not to repeat my mistake. When leveling the printer we usually look at the ‘X’ axis, meaning for example if the resin is evenly spread across the tank and not tilted to one side or another.

Well, equally important is the ‘Z’ axis, meaning if the printer is not tilted to the back or to the front. If its tilted to the front not much will happen except you will be slightly underutilizing the capabalities of the tank. if however it is tilted slightly to the back, you run the risk of spilling resin into the inside of the form1 when the slow peel happens.** **This is because if you fill resin up to the fill line, it will_ look_ like everything is fine from the fron, like you did not overfill your tank, HOWEVER because of the slight tilt (an uneven floor or desk would do it) it will actually be quite overfilled and when the slow peel happens it will spill tank into the printer.

This is quite unfortunate and it happened to me… :frowning: I didint even think of thinking about it because my printer was perfectly level on the left/right axis, but alas, not on the front/back. An almost imperceptible tilt in this axis is enough to spill resin.

Learn from my mistakes and please check your printer is on a level surface on both axis.