Resin Tank Stuck in Printer?

Pardon me for digging up this old thread but I had the same issue as this today after changing resins.
The printer seemed to be working fine, although I’d only printed 2 models, 1 successfully.
Ended up taking the front panel off and undoing the grub screw at the top of the peel motor screw.
Had to exert a bit of force to get it unstuck as resin had leaked down the side and onto the frame where the tank holder meets it.
Cleaned it all up then tried to manually unscrew the motor screw.
Seems the motor itself has become detached from it’s housing.
Ended up taking the whole motor apart and unscrewing it but on reassembly the motor couldn’t manage to drive the tank back up so it’s back in roughly this position again.
I’ve submitted a request for assistance but just wondering if there’s anywhere else I can just get a replacement stepper from?

is there a make/model# on the existing stepper?

hi, did your motor make any noise while stuck, mine is completely silent
can the rod in this position stop the tank from moving?

Here was my solution:
Use an F-Clamp alternating side-to-side to remove the tray 1/4" at a time.
Cover Mirror opening with adhesive cellophane, or similar.
1/16" Drill Bit, McMaster-Carr Catalog #2753A123.
Drill/Dremel hole in top of rail, above the Ballbearing Cylinder, and through cylinder top.
Using a pippette, inject about 10uL (micro-liters) of Isopropanol into drilled hole.
Allow to “soak”, repeat.
Work ballbearing loose.
Cover holes with tape, and remove mirror covering when task completed.