Resin Tank Stuck in Printer

I have used my tank as much as i possibly can and need to change it.
This is my issue that the Orange Tank is infarct stuck in place. and the self leveling mechanism is moving under the force required to pull it out. It is still stuck!

Any solutions to help ease the tank out with out stressing any of the mechanisms ?

The Form 1 tanks can take a bit of force to remove and I was a little worried I might break something the first couple of times I tried. If it’s not possible to remove after a reasonable amount of effort, I encourage you to open a ticket with our support team. You might include some images in the ticket as there are a few different things we’ve seen that can make it unreasonably difficult to remove the tank from the Form 1.

this issue has now been fixed. holding “pins” became tight, have opens up slightly. Tray now moves / fixes as originally intended.


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