Resin Rewards

We announced this in our newsletter – but I also wanted to announce it here.

If you’re bringing your Form 1 to shows, exhibits, or wherever – we want to know about it. We know you’re out there, making amazing things, and we want to thank you for your enthusiasm and for spreading the word.  We’re especially happy when you get online – on Facebook, Twitter, or right here on the forums – and tell everyone about it.

So share your Form 1’s fieldtrip – a photo online will do it – and we’ll send you a coupon for liter of resin so you can keep on Forming.

Just fill out the form and we’ll be in touch:

This is great!

I’ll be taking my Form1 to Connect State Latin Day in the spring, and this is a great incentive to keep spreading the Form 1 love :slight_smile:

Awesomeness! I know the perfect place!

I will be doing this a LOT on behalf of some big wargames companies…awesome :slight_smile: