Store 'wishlist' like on Amazon?

I was wondering if Formlabs would do something like the ‘wishlist’ that Amazon has, where if some person wanted to send a liter of resin (or other item from the shop) to a specific user, they could without having to have access to that person’s mailing address.

I make dolls and wanted to create an ‘incentive’ doll to be given to people who send me resin (or other supplies). Fortunately I’m not naive enough to hand out a mailing address to complete strangers claiming that they want to send supplies for my studio. Other artists have done similar ‘incentives’ to keep their studios stocked, and I thought that it’d be cool to do something like that too with the people that follow my work. ^___^



This is a nice idea, Kiki! We’d love to have a feature like that and it’s something we’ll be thinking about as we work on building a better website! Thanks for your thoughts.