Replacing fuse on Form 2

Hi all. I have a Form 2 that isn’t powering on at all. Is there a fuse that could have blown in the printer or would it more than likely be a power supply replacement that needs doing?

Whether or not it has a fuse, that’s very unlikely to be the problem. Fuses rarely if ever spontaneously fail. If there is a fuse and it’s blown, replacing it will just result in another blown fuse, or some failure someplace else in the power circuitry. With a high degree of certainty, you have a bad power supply. The fuse is a secondary consideration…

Assuming the printer isn’t under warranty, it’s not hard to take apart and you could look…

Hi Randy. Thanks for your input. I agree and can confirm that there is a power issue in the premisis. (Electricity spikes are a problem)

I will open it up and have a look - Have done the necessary training through Formlabs agents to breakdown and assemble Form 2 printers. I just can’t remember seeing a fuse when I opened up the last printer the last time I did a cleaning.

Thanks again

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