Form1 shut itself off and won't turn on

I’ve just received the printer today and turned it on for the first time.  The printer makes some noise, moves built platform to the top and says ready.  While I was installing the PreForm SW, the printer shut ifself off and now it can no longer turn back on.  I check the AC adaptor and it has 24Vdc, so it is not the power supply.  Is there any fuse or reset that I can check or any other suggestion so that I can avoid sending this thing back?  Thank for your help.

I received the printer today 7-dec-2013, and I have the same issue. But I was able to complete my first print and it looked awesome. It is apparent it is not single occurrence and it was not resolved, but was pushed to consumer even after a few complaints.

After waiting for 1 year, I have finally received and unboxed my form1 today, 7th Oct 2014.
I cant turn it on at all! There was light on the AC adapter. so it is not the power supply.
I need help!