Form 1+ comatose state

Due to multiple unhappy prints I haven’t use my form 1+ since the middle of December.
This week I bought a new bottle of white resin and a new tank.
Ready to print again…
Not really in fact! Cause my form 1+ don’t want to wake up!
I pressed the power button 100time checked wires changed the plug .
Led of the power supply is green lighted but printer don’t start.

Could you help me?
All the best.

Yikes, I’ve gotten in touch with our support team and one of our members will email you shortly to help troubleshoot and hopefully wake your printer up. In the mean time, it might be best to unplug the machine in case there are any issues with the internal electronics.

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Waiting for help.

Just to rule out the power adapter, you could try a laptop AC adapter. In most cases, those have a 19V adapter, and I can tell you from personal experience, the Form 1/1+ will power up with it.

I’m not saying you should print with it, but at least you’ll know if the issue is with the power adapter, or internal with the printer.

Once you plug in the PSU, turn on the printer. If the logo shows up, then problem is with you adapter.

If you are going to attempt to use a different power adaptor, be sure the tip polarity is correct. If you don’t know what that is, I would wait for Formlabs tech support to assist.

good point. The Form 1+ tip polarity is positive.


I have no power supply with the same plug.

I will wait for Formlabs assit.

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