Form 1+ doesn't boot

Hello everybody,

Yesterday, I had troubles to print using my form 1+ printer so I decided to clean up the mirrors.
After the mirrors were cleaned, the printer started to print again but only on the hinge side of the build platform.
I noticed -only by looking- that the vat was not parallel to the build platform, I wanted to make sure, so I unplugged the printer and started to lower the build platform by rotating the lead screw by hand to take some distance measurements by a digital caliper “vernier” between the build platform corners and the vat bed then I adjusted the parallelism by tightening/loosing the spring loaded nuts.
Before I plug-in the power, I used an external magnet to fool the door lock sensor.

When I plugged the power and pressed the button, the screen shows the “formlabs” logo then blinks “ready to print” for a fraction of a second and then “formlabs” logo again for like 1 second and finally goes black! I also hear what looks like a single pulse from a stepper motor before the screen goes black.

I tried to load a print from preform but it shows an error message that says: “Job was canceled from printer
I tried to update the firmware by pressing (ctrl + shif + P) in preform then select “update firmware” but both the printer screen and button LED goes black after a progress-bar-like line was shown on the screen for about 15 seconds and nothing happens after that for about 45 minutes! It doesn’t respond to button press too, So I had to unplug the printer and try for a couple of times but the same happens every time! that is so sad! I’m afraid I ruined my printer.

I want to make sure that form 1+ has a protection circuit from back EMF if the steppers were manually moved as I have doubts and feel of guilt about me rotating the lead screw by hand :disappointed_relieved:

Anyone can help, please?


Hello Sayto,

I’m sorry to hear your Form 1+ is causing trouble.

If you have not already, please submit a request here so we may investigate what caused this in more detail.

Formlabs Support

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