Form1 doesn't boot

Hello. I got form1 from second hand. First time im using a formlabs product. When i plugged it screen shows “Ready to print”. Installed preform 2.20 but program was saying machine is busy while screen says ready. I can not click the fine tuning option only able to update firmware. When i click that form1 just closed itself. Unplugged itself from my pc. And i can’t boot now. Just like this topics;

I do not know what to do please help!

Have you tried putting the Form1 into DFU mode manually?
Also check your firmeware version (see point 5 in the link above), mine shows 1.44.

I’ve had this come up a few times in the past, and usually a reboot of the computer fixes the problem.

On the other hand, while version 2.20 is supposed to be the last version to support the Form 1, I had problems with it seeing the printer sometimes, and I went back to v2.19.3, which is what I currently use.

Try that version first. @MattiaMercante keeps a repository of all the previous Preform versions. You can download it here:

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Hi everyone, I have a form 1+ firmware 1.4. And preform version 2.20.0

after several successful printing.

I can no longer load or print, and the printer is (on hold). and the bug boot process after a few seconds, sending the print file to the machine also stops after a few seconds.

I followed the steps for updating the machine (firmware). reinstall Preform more than twice.
I also reset the Windows 10.
please enlighten me.