Printer won't turn on after motor replacement

Sorry if I accidentally linked this to a old thread; the forum won’t let me start a new thread. I think a forum troubleshooting forum would be a little too meta, but regardless: what happened was our peel motor burned out, so FormLabs generously sent us a replacement. After replacing the motor, the printer will not turn on. PreForm doesn’t recognize it and the power button won’t turn it on. We inspected the motherboard and can’t find anything wrong except for a slight looseness in the power socket. Thoughts on how to fix this? Has anyone encountered something similar before?

You’ll need to take the covers off and check all the connections. Then see if it will turn on.

I have. Our theory is that the power connection is broken, since it’s kinda loose. The main thrust of my question, I suppose, is ‘has someone noticed this before and if so, what did they do about it?’

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