Printfailures when printing multiple parts

I’m experiencing print failures when I print multiple parts on the entire buildplatform.

For example a sphere becomes elips / egg shaped
5 of 6 identical parts are perfect, 1 is distorted.

  1. Most issues on the same place (in the middle of the back side)
  2. Tested with different tanks and different resins (v4)
  3. I always use a full raft, and the raft isn’t perfect printed, looks a little bit melted.
  4. Latest firmware
  5. Tried various print qualities / layers for same model
  6. Automatic generated supports
  7. And offcourse my warranty / service plan of 1 year just expired :disappointed:

Any advice?

My guess is your resin tray has some staining on it?

If you filter your resin and clean your tray, what does it look like, both on the build side and the LPU side?

Another thing to check is how clean your LPU glass is.

Ok thanks gonna check monday the glass, the tank is brand new.

I have very similar issues, and i’m again testing to print on the entire platform again.

I’ll post tomorrow some pictures about this issue and will contact support.

Identical mesh /supports placed @ different places on buildingplatform

Position on platform


Mirror was clean

I also tested today to reprint only the one who failed on the same spot without the others.
This print was also misshapen.

Did a cleaning mesh before the reprint, but it didn’t fixed anything.

What is the diameter of the ellipse, vs. the spherical good prints?

Perhaps it’s an overcuring problem? I’m amazed the print isn’t failing.

they where printer at the same time - orientation, axis

the two prints that failed to me so far, were all the “corner” or “edge” prints on the platform.

You already see the problem before washing and curing.
The printer is not making the raft correct, I think that’s the reason of the distorted shape.

It look likes your raft is fine and but there are parts not printed.
I think this is an other issue.

You should maybe try a different orientation?

I printed other parts after that (ran a 12hrs print) and two parts came out with similar problems

by the way mines were printed on a 3L

I’m in contact with support, keep you posted.

I haven’t noticed any issues on my machine that are as extreme as yours. However I have noticed that when batching multiple small parts in Black resin, I do tend to see failures around the perimeter more frequently than in the middle especially if I have a full build plate.

I’m guessing this is maybe from non uniform peel forces across the film.