Parts are not printing well all of a sudden

Up until a few days ago, I have been getting pretty decent prints in 50 and 100 microns. I tried 25M and had some failures, so switched back to 50M . Now I’m seeing some strange artifacts on the surface of the parts and the base has this extended “flange” where it connects to the build platform.

The test cube on the right was printed about a week ago, while the cube on the left was a few days ago. I thought it might be due to the glass on my Form being dirty, so I cleaned it very well and still getting the same problem. Could this be a defect in either the resin tank or resin itself? I always use clear resin.
After printing, I rinse in IPA then ultrasonic in Magic yellow, then cure in water in my UV chamber.
Any thoughts of what I can try next? I may just ditch my existing tray and resin and start a new one, although I hate to waste these materials.
Thanks for any help.

How much resin have you ran through your resin tank? Is any clouding evident?

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