Print failures

After receiving the form 1 last week I managed to print 5 fairish prints, however, there was a subtle decrease in quality for each print until it abruptly stopped printing at all, after refilling the tank with more grey resin. Firstly by not adhering to the build platform at all, after cleaning of the build platform, I reprinted and this time the print peeled from the platform during the print, next it did print, but a number of the supports had released during the print and the quality was terrible.

The Form 1 was air shipped to the UK.

Has anyone else encountered problems such as this or know what is wrong?

Can you post up some pictures?  Did you clean any cured bits from the vat?  Can you show us what you are trying to print?

The attached pictures are of the two prints; the peeled print and the poor quality print, also attached is the model (a plunger for a air compression tube)

After the first fail I cleared the vat of any grey debris in the tank, but it did not appear that there were any clear cured bits (I may have been wrong) I did likewise after the other prints.


In looking at the first picture, Did the raft peel away from the base?  Can you measure the thickness of the raft?  I see the warped bottom in the other print.  It looks like the base is cupped and warped.  I usually go back to the basics when I have a problem.  Have you tried to print the 5 butterflies?  The supports look like you are using V.0.8.4.

I took a look at the stl.  Not sure exactly what went wrong.  The file looks ok.  I would print the butterflies and see how they print out.  If they look anything less then perfect, I would not remove them from the build platform and take some pictures.  Maybe rinse them with a little IPA before the pictures.  It will help in further troubleshooting.

The second print (first picture) failed by the base of the model peeling away from the build platform during printing, the base is 1.12mm thick (Meant to be 1.70mm). The third print (second picture) correctly shows the stl which I supplied, the bottom has a slight gradient towards the centre and the sides are curves to allow for an o-ring, however, the print has warped as shown in the attached picture (it’s meant to have a uniform surrounding wall, the centre has nothing to do with it, I was attempting to put a rod into the space and it was too small, resulting in a ‘drilling’ effect).

I have not yet printed any other objects since the last failure shown. I am using Preform version 0.8.4 as I am running Linux and wine is having problems with the most recent preform software.

I’m printing a butterfly clip now, while getting a couple of semi-cured bits out of the vat, I noticed that the silicone had started to cloud over, however I have only used roughly 100ml so I didn’t think it would be a problem yet (unless it’s premature clouding and a faulty resin tray)

I can see the surrounding wall not being uniform.  I think FL needs to help with that.  I have seen holes print a little small but I would prefer smaller and able to be drilled out compared to them being too big.  The clouding of the resin tray I really am not sure.  How clouded is it?  Is there a chance it is just the gray pigment settling?  100ml seems way too quick.  Hopefully FL can assist with that as well.

After printing the butterfly clip, the printer appeared to be working well, so I then decided to do a more adventurous print and that also printed exceptionally well. Apart from some strange indents on the underside of the support base (Camera couldn’t pick them up)(Any ideas?) it appears to be fixed. Thanks for your time and effort nevertheless.

congratulations! the bottle looks great.