Part I was previously Printing now Fails at various points throughout


I have previously printed this part like 15 times.

Now I’ve had this part fail like 5 times in a row.

The part splits and different points while printing in both white and black color. Afterwards there is a cured piece in the resin tank that I scrape off and then I filter the resin. I’ve looked at FAQ’s and can’t find anything. Thanks.

Move it to a different place on the build platform. If you’ve printed the same part 15x in the same spot, you’ve probably worn out the resin tank. If you’ve moved the part around between each print, then check the glass beneath the resin tank for dirt or hazing.

In addition to the advice above, make sure you strain your resin after any failure.

Formulas recommends 190 micron strainer. I use these paint strainers.

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