Printer problems HELP!


Last week I showed my printer problems (it only left a stain on the glass of the tray), I got the tip from @Dudemeister to adjust the Z-axle on the printer. Now there is a print on the build platform so that has improved indeed, but now you can see better that there is something wrong with the printer.image

Its not much help to see pictures of something soaked in black resin.
Post pictures of the model you are trying to print- and a picture of what these parts look like with the excess resin washed off.

From what I can tell, the rafts, supports, and even the labels on the rim of the rafts appear to be printing fine.
When the printer prints these structures correctly, but ONLY the model is messed up- its almost always because the model is bad.

Models can LOOK fine in a modeling app- and yet have fugitive geometry- flipped normals- coincident points or segments- bad topology and a host of other errors that will make the printer unable to make solid sense of the model.

Thanks for your reaction, I agree it’s weird that the rafts are printed pretty good. But we used this printer daily and suddenly it was ‘‘broken’’, the file I used was fine because we used it on different form2 printers (also with different resin). the file is a simple test model made in solidworks. I also tried this print with a few Z-axle tweaks but the results were the same, in this picture the z-axle was to short so therefore the black rings around the platform. I hope it is clearer with these pictures (washed and file). thanks for your help

That appears to be an issue with dust on the mirrors or glass

The flashing under the raft is an obvious sign that it’s time to clean your optics.

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