Failed Support Beams and Raft

I have a form 2 printer that has been having a collection of issue recently. I have been trying to print this specific model a few times and every time the support beams and raft are messed up. The raft will either be underdeveloped or have some hollow parts that are impossible to get off of the platform and the support beams are bumpy and disfigured. I use Grey V4 resin on a form 2, the tank and build platform are brand new as I bought them thinking that was the issue. I have cleaned the Galvo mirrors twice now but if that is the issue I can try again but I just want to know if there is another reason. There is also nothing stuck on the bottom of the tank.

Hi @Winter_9234,

Thanks for reaching out, and sorry to hear about the recent print issues on your Form 2! You were definitely on the right track to clean off the galvo mirrors, but a few other possible areas to inspect are the tank film (especially if this keeps happening in the same area), the Optical Window which is just beneath the resin tank, and the Main Mirror inside the printer (but only if you can see smudging or debris on it).

Ultimately, if you still have questions or concerns, I would suggest opening a ticket with our Support Team so that we can have an agent dedicated to helping resolve your case. Please let us know if you need further help, and best of luck!