Print size problem

I ordered it on Jan 5th, 2015 and I just used it once yesterday. And I found there is something wrong with dimensions.
For example, I want to print a spherosome with 5.5 cm diameter, but it printed out an ellipsoid. I guess the reason is x-axis is correct but y-axis is just 4mm, which is 1.5mm short. Please see the attachment!

I don’t know why this happened and I have no idea how to adjust the error. I’ll appreciate it if you can help me to find out the solution.


Hi @HAN_PU, I would open a support ticket with Formlabs. There is a fine tuning feature in the help tab you could try, but I think there is something fundamentally wrong with the way your printer has been calabrated.

how to calabrated?

x/y scale do not work

I meant calibration at the FormLabs factory. This is not something we can do ourselves.

Definitely contact support. That degree of variation in one-axis points to a serious issue with one of the galvanometers that will probably necessitate an RMA. Our team will take care of you.

Yes, there is something wrong with that unit, I’ve being printing things bigger than the surface to be join later and works fine, and it would not ever work with that level or error. They need to replace that printer, if that is your first print. That should be considered dead on arrival. And get you a new one and tested…

how to fix it?

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