I am using form one plus. the problem am facing is inaccurate dimensions of my prints. when i print circle it become ellipse and when i print sqaure it becomes rectangle. please help me I am attaching the file and pictures with the mail. The pre form software has setting of about 4percent of scaling but i am facing about 20percent decrease along x axis and 28 percent decrease along y axis
My part is 20 by 20 mm you can clearly see from the pictures.
the pictures and the stl file is uploaded
plz help waiting for ur reply.

sqaure.stl (4.9 MB)

Unfortunately inaccuracies that far off can only be fixed by formlabs. I would open up a support ticket. Based upon my experiences, you will have to have the unit shipped back for repairs and recalibration.

sir i live in Pakistan. the import of 3d printer in Pakistan is banned. It took about 1 year to clear that printer from the customs. I am afraid that when i will again send this printer back to company it will again atuck at customs. Plz help and tell me method or procedure so i can calibrate it my self. Thank u waiting for ur reply

I wish I was able to tell you how to do it. We can’t calibrate the machine beyond the 4%. It has to be done by Formlabs.

I would open a support ticket for FL. They are the only ones who can fix your printers problem.

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