Help me troubleshoot my Form1

Although I have had my printer for a few weeks now, only recently have I really started using it and trying to replicate the great results that others have shared and that Formlabs claims in their marketing materials.

Unfortunately, My few prints so far have all miserable failures.  It’s not even that one axis is out of calibration, it’s that the prints are just a gooey mess that barely resembles the STL model. Starting to search for an answer, I looked for a calibration pattern to print and came across the following thread.

I downloaded the .form file and left it running last night. The attached pictures show the results that I woke up to.

Can any of the more experienced users comment on what may be causing this? Defective laser? Bad resin? Tank level to high/low? Bad karma?

Thanks in advance!

Good day Juan,

could you clean the parts with alcohol (you can leave the supports), because right now all the details are hidden under the uncured resin still on the objects.

Also, as a second step, you might need a caliper to measure the features and make sure your printer is working perfectly.